Zlatko J. Kovacic

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This paper explores the socio-demographic variables (age, gender, ethnicity, education, work status, and disability) and study environment (course programme and course block), that may influence persistence or dropout of the distance education students at the Open Polytechnic. It examines to what extent these factors, i.e. enrolment data help us in(More)
We examine how accurately the belief system or cultural concepts of Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, is reconstructed in the virtual world of the Internet. Nine Maori web sites were searched using a list of 44 key concepts in Maori culture. We registered how many pages within a particular web site contain each of the key concepts. These numbers(More)
The purpose of this paper is to provide a theoretical justification for, and describe an implementation of, instance-based cognitive mining (ICM), a process that analyzes multiple decision instances using the inductive learning algorithms of artificial intelligence to generate a mathematical representation of the decision maker’s mental models, explicitly(More)
This paper identifies the factors that determine users’ acceptance of e-Government services and its causal relationships using a theoretical model based on the Technology Acceptance Model. Data relating to the constructs were collected from 200 respondents in Malaysia and subjected to Structural Equation Modeling analysis. The proposed model fits the data(More)
Software piracy or ‘softlifting’, the unauthorized use or illegal copying of computer software seems to be a persistent and truly global phenomenon, in spite of international efforts to reduce it. Could the battle against it be won by just merely accepting international standards for the protection of intellectual property rights? The answer to this(More)
This paper explores factors such as socio-demographics, income and wealth and e-skills that may influence the adoption of the ICTs at the individual level. We examine to what extent these factors contribute to the digital divide between different social groups in Serbia. We use the panel data from the survey “ICT usage in Republic of Serbia” in 2006 and(More)