Zlatko Erjavec

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We performed a comprehensive cost calculation identifying the main cost drivers of treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in daily practice. In our observational study 160 patient charts were reviewed repeatedly to assess the treatment strategies from diagnosis till the study end. Ninety-seven patients (61%) received ≥1 treatment lines during an average(More)
143 aplastic episodes with fever in 91 haematological patients with granulocytopenia were treated empirically in a randomized prospective study using either imipenem (Imi) or a combination of tobramycin and cefuroxime (T/C). Response after 72 h was significantly better in patients receiving Imi (44/75 vs 27/68, p < 0.05). This was seen especially in(More)
The specificity of random primer R143 for Aspergillus fumigatus DNA was determined in order to test its usefulness in establishing the presence of A. fumigatus DNA in fungal cultures. When PCR reaction products of these cultures were compared with those of 21 other bacterial and fungal DNA samples, R143 proved to produce a 1346 bp band with only A.(More)
Glycopeptide antibiotics are used extensively in the empirical treatment of febrile patients with neutropenia. To come to a more rational and restricted application of these expensive drugs and to reduce the risk of emergence of resistance, we carried out a prospective, double-blinded, placebo-controlled single-centre study to investigate whether the(More)
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