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OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to: 1) determine if a genetic algorithm in combination with morphing software can be used to evolve more attractive faces; and 2) evaluate whether this approach can be used as a tool to define or identify the attributes of the ideal attractive face. STUDY DESIGN Basic research study incorporating focus group(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Six nasal tip projection (NTP) ratios from Goode, Simons, Baum, Powell, and Crumley guide clinical and academic practice on quantifying NTP, but none have been empirically correlated with facial attractiveness. This study's objectives were to determine: 1) if there is a correlation between these ratios and facial attractiveness; and 2)(More)
BACKGROUND Traditional focus groups have been essential to facial aesthetics research. Although they are currently the criterion standard in acquiring facial attractiveness ratings, they retain many shortcomings. This study's objectives were twofold: to determine whether attractiveness scores obtained from a social network site correlate with those from the(More)
INTRODUCTION The current literature on facial attractiveness focuses on anterior-posterior facial portraits, with lateral facial analysis limited to comparing facial attractiveness scores with various facial measurements. Here we use a novel approach to more rigorously study lateral facial attractiveness by combining morphing software and a genetic(More)
OBJECTIVE We present a case of a 31-year-old man who fell through a skylight sustaining a deep laceration injury to his dominant arm. A single-stage radial artery flow-through free flap and cabled sural nerve graft for reconstruction of a complex antebrachial defect involving skin, soft tissue, muscle, brachial artery, and median nerve was performed. A(More)
PURPOSE The most effective surgical approach to the treatment of digital ischemia has not yet been established. The purpose of this study is to review currently accepted options for revascularization in acute and chronic settings of digital ischemia, and to augment this discussion by describing the approach of our surgical team in a unique case of subacute(More)
Importance Aesthetic proportions of the lips and their effect on facial attractiveness are poorly defined. Established guidelines would aid practitioners in achieving optimal aesthetic outcomes during cosmetic augmentation. Objective To assess the most attractive lip dimensions of white women based on attractiveness ranking of surface area, ratio of upper(More)
Intermittent parathyroid hormone administration can enhance fracture healing in an animal model. Despite the success of exogenous parathyroid hormone on fracture healing and spine fusion, few studies have examined the role of parathyroid hormone on cartilage formation. We determined the effects of intermittent parathyroid hormone on cartilage formation in a(More)
INTRODUCTION Currently, the majority of research in facial analysis using computational morphing methods focuses exclusively on analysis of frontal facial projections. Lateral facial morphing analysis has not been extensively investigated, and landmark features critical to specify registry points are unknown. This study aims to (1) determine the quantity of(More)
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