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Whether the gut alterations seen during sepsis are caused by microcirculatory hypoxia or disturbances in cellular metabolic pathways associated with mitochondrial respiration remains controversial. We hypothesized that hypoperfusion or hypoxia and local production of nitric oxide might play an important role in the development of gut mucosal injury during(More)
Experiments were performed on 42 female albino rats weighing from 180-250 gm. The pain threshold (PT) was determined by radiant heat induced tail-flick method. The cAMP contents in various regions of brain were measured by radio-immunoassay. Electro-acupuncture (EA) at bilateral "Zusanli" and "Sanyinjian" in rats significantly elevated PT, increased the(More)
Experiments were performed on awake rats. The pain threshold (tail flick latency, TFL) was measured with radiant heat tail-flick method. Microinjection of thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH 2.5 micrograms/1 microliter) into septal area can increase remarkably and last 40 min, but the analgesic effect can not be reversed by the opioid receptor blocker(More)
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