Ziyuan Liu

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Accounting for uncertainty in three-dimensional (3D) shapes is important in a large number of scientific and engineering areas, such as biometrics, biomedical imaging, and data mining. It is well known that 3D polar shaped objects can be represented by Fourier descriptors such as spherical harmonics and double Fourier series. However, the statistics of(More)
— In this paper, we propose a generalizable method that systematically combines data driven MCMC sampling and inference using rule-based context knowledge for data abstraction. In particular, we demonstrate the usefulness of our method in the scenario of building abstract semantic maps for indoor environments. The product of our system is a parametric(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel global object descriptor, so-called Viewpoint oriented Color-Shape Histogram (VCSH), which combines 3D object’s color and shape features. The descriptor is efficiently used in a real-time textured/textureless object recognition and 6D pose estimation system, while also applied for object localization in a coherent semantic(More)
Online fault detection and monitoring will play a crucial role in the development of the Smart Grid. The use of smart sensors and controls for remote monitoring are integral to the Smart Grid's operation. One of the most effective ways to assess the insulation condition of high voltage equipment, particularly high voltage cables, is partial discharge (PD)(More)
Congenital cataracts are a significant cause of visual impairment or blindness in children. One-third of cases estimated to have a genetic cause. We carried out gene analysis and bioinformatics analysis to map the locus and to identify the underlying genetic defect in a 12-member, four-generation Chinese family affected with bilateral congenital cataracts.(More)
— An important prerequisite for intelligent robots to effectively perform daily tasks in indoor environments is an advanced environment model. Not only should this model contain metric level information about the geometry of the perceived environment, it should also provide abstract level information, such as topology and objects, so as to benefit high(More)
Conjunctivochalasis (CCh) disrupts tear flow and damages tear film stability. This study sought to evaluate the tear stability and contrast sensitivity of patients with CCh on whom CCh excision was performed. The study included 39 eyes from 39 patients; all patients had eyes with grade 2 or 3 CCh, underwent CCh excision, and were evaluated before and three(More)