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UNLABELLED Cancer is characterized by mutations, genome rearrangements, epigenetic changes, and altered gene expression that enhance cell proliferation, invasion, and metastasis. To accommodate deregulated cellular proliferation, many DNA replication-initiation proteins are overexpressed in human cancers. However, the mechanism that represses the expression(More)
Mutation testing is a powerful methodology for evaluating test suite quality. In mutation testing, a large number of mutants are generated and executed against the test suite to check the ratio of killed mutants. Therefore, mutation testing is widely believed to be a computationally expensive technique. To alleviate the efficiency concern of mutation(More)
The aluminum oxide (Al2O3) thin films with various thicknesses under 50 nm were deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD) on silicon substrate. The surface topography investigated by atomic force microscopy (AFM) revealed that the samples were smooth and crack-free. The ellipsometric spectra of Al2O3 thin films were measured and analyzed before and after(More)
The BiFeO3 (BFO) thin film was deposited by pulsed-laser deposition on SrRuO3 (SRO)-buffered (111) SrTiO3 (STO) substrate. X-ray diffraction pattern reveals a well-grown epitaxial BFO thin film. Atomic force microscopy study indicates that the BFO film is rather dense with a smooth surface. The ellipsometric spectra of the STO substrate, the SRO buffer(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute gangrenous appendicitis (AGA) is a common medical condition; however, the grade of appendicitis usually cannot be established preoperatively. We have attempted to identify some indicators, such as the mean platelet volume (MPV) and the platelet distribution width (PDW), to diagnose AGA. Aims. To evaluate whether or not the MPV and PDW are(More)
UNLABELLED The reflectance of the controlled periodic Si nanowire (NW) arrays is systematically explored, which characterizes the influence on the solar energy harnessing ability by the geometries of the NW. A unique dependence of the reflectance of the Si NW array on the diameter, the height, and the bending of the NW are disclosed. The solar energy loss(More)
In this work, new design techniques that aim to reduce power consumption of true single-phase clock-based (TSPC) prescalers is presented. The proposed design technique is applied to a divide-by-2/3 unit, and its performance is compared with previous work to demonstrate the improvement. Simulation results show at least a 49% reduction of PDP is achieved by(More)
(USDOT/OST-R). The mission of the UTC program is to advance U.S. technology and expertise in the many disciplines comprising transportation through the mechanisms of education, research, and technology transfer at university-based centers of excellence. Iowa State University, through its Institute for Transportation (InTrans), is the MTC lead institution.(More)
The functional connectivity of brain is a key point of brain network analysis. The BOLD (blood oxygen level dependent) fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) signal is an effective projection signal of brain function. A dynamic method in resting-state (RS) functional connectivity analysis of brains is proposed in this paper. In contrast to traditional(More)
After a nerve injury, calcium concentration in the intra-nerve fiber drastically increases. The purpose of our study was to test an implantable micro-osmotic pump to deliver medications to accelerate calcium absorption, thereby greatly improving nerve regeneration. Twenty-four SD rats were divided into four groups of six each: (1) Sham control: crush injury(More)