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Interlinked multiphase Fe-doped MnO2 nanostructures: a novel design for enhanced pseudocapacitive performance.
Improved performances compared to pure MnO2 are demonstrated with a good rate capability, high energy density, and excellent cycling stability of 100% capacitance retention after 2000 cycles at 2 A g(-1).
An innovative carbon template-induced approach to a graphene-like MnO2 nanomesh with enhanced pseudocapacitance performance
Exfoliated two-dimensional layered materials have gained renewed interest in the application of energy storage and conversion. In particular for pseudocapacitive materials, the ultrathin structure
Enhanced UV-Visible Light Photocatalytic Activity by Constructing Appropriate Heterostructures between Mesopore TiO2 Nanospheres and Sn3O4 Nanoparticles
Novel TiO2/Sn3O4 heterostructure photocatalysts were ingeniously synthesized via a scalable two-step method that facilitates extended UV-visible absorption and efficient photoexcited charge carrier separation.
EBSD study on the significance of carbon content on hardenability
Synthesis of nanoflakes‐based self‐assembling crossed structure of stannous oxide and photocatalysis property
Self‐assembling nanoflakes‐based crossed architectures of stannous oxide (SnO) were successfully synthesized via template‐free hydrothermal growth method by using SnCl2·2H2O and KOH as precursors.