Ziya Saylan

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Until 2001, post-liposuction irregularities were attempted to be corrected by auto-graft of fat cells aspirated from other body areas, with varying results over time [2]. Lipofilling as unique technique has not proven to be the correct solution for such irregularities. There is evidence that the transfer of large volumes of fat in an unfavorable area, as it(More)
BACKGROUND A short-flap S-lift may be helpful for minor jowling or submental laxity in cases of early facial ptosis, revision facelifts, or where skin resurfacing is combined with neck lifting. OBJECTIVE To develop a safe and effective method to lift the jowl either as a single procedure or combined with other rejuvenation methods. METHODS After the(More)
BACKGROUND Fat transfer to repair postlipoplasty irregularities does not achieve satisfactory, long-lasting results. OBJECTIVE The author reports a method of treating postlipoplasty imperfections by shifting the subcutaneous fat without suctioning, air contact, or injections. METHODS A series of 41 women underwent liposhifting to correct postlipoplasty(More)
A number of facial filler materials that have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States have been employed by physicians in Europe for several years. Although these products have proved efficacious, some complications events have been associated with their injection or inappropriate application. Moreover, the(More)
The superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) operation revolutionized face-lift procedures. The idea of having one direction of traction with suturing and fixation of SMAS to a stable structure is gaining popularity. The author's contribution is the fixation of the SMAS and the extension of the supraplatysmal plane to the zygomatic bone periosteum to(More)
BACKGROUND Traditional procedures for the reduction of platysma bands can result in scarring and hardening of tissue in the submental region. OBJECTIVE A technique for serial notching of the platysma bands is described that is more effective and causes fewer complications than the traditional submental and midline approaches. METHODS The platysma bands(More)
Posterior neck lift, which combines anterior platysmaplasty and anterior and lateral neck lift, is a good alternative to a full or lower face lift for patients with minimal or no jowl sagging. It may be combined with neck lipoplasty, serial platysma notching, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene neck sling, and chemical peel or laser. Scars, especially in(More)
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