Ziya Jiang

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Rotorcraft unmanned aerial vehicles (RUAV) have been widely used in many fields. However, one of the bottleneck problems of RUAV control is how to ensure its motion steady under huge external disturbances such as wind. In this paper, a new algorithm on disturbance estimation is proposed using UKF algorithm and acceleration measurements. Firstly, the(More)
This paper proposes a path planning algorithm called guiding attraction based random tree (GART), which is built upon the famous sampling-based algorithm RRT* to generate a near optimal path in real time for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) navigation under uncertainty. The algorithm takes UAV heading dynamic constraint and `obstacle safe attraction' into(More)
High gain observer (HGO) has been proved to be a good method to estimate states of Lipschitz nonlinear systems. In this paper, we focus on the HGO based external input (disturbance) estimator and disturbance attenuation control scheme. Firstly, a robust control scheme is proposed to attenuate the disturbance with the assumption that it is obtainable;(More)
Two time-scale model based adaptive control method is proposed for a helicopter to overcome wind disturbances in this paper. Wind disturbances are considered as a mixture of four sinusoidal signals with unknown frequencies, amplitudes and phases. The controller is designed based on the concept of time-scale separation, which has the advantage of decoupling(More)
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