Zixun Dai

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Modular femoral prostheses can provide independent distal fixation and intraoperative flexibility and are being used increasingly, especially in patients with proximal femoral bone defects. This retrospective clinical study evaluated whether modular prostheses were effective and reliable implants for femoral revision. This case series consisted of 58(More)
Osteosarcoma (OS), a malignant mesenchymal sarcoma, is the most frequent primary bone tumor, with a peak incidence in young children and adolescents. The downregulation of microRNA‑145 (miRNA/miR‑145) has previously been identified to be associated with the aggressiveness and metastasis of OS. However, the detailed regulatory mechanism by which miR‑145(More)
Osteosarcoma is the most common type of cancer that develops in bone, mainly arising from the metaphysis of the long bones. MicroRNA (miR)-200b has been found to generally act as a tumor suppressor in multiple types of human cancers. However, the detailed role of miR-200b in osteosarcoma still remains to be fully understood. This study aimed to investigate(More)
Chondrosarcoma is one of the most common types of primary bone cancer that develops in cartilage cells. Resveratrol (Res), a natural polyphenol compound isolated from various fruits, has a suppressive effect on various human malignancies. It has been shown that Res inhibits matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-induced differentiation in chondrosarcoma cells.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the mid-term effectiveness of two-stage hip prosthesis revision in the treatment of infection after hip arthroplasty. METHODS Between April 2002 and November 2006, 12 cases of infection after hip arthroplasty were treated. There were 5 males and 7 females, aged from 47 to 72 years (mean, 59.8 years). The femoral head arthroplasty was(More)
There is an increasing trend towards cementless modular femoral prostheses for revision hip replacement surgery, especially in patients with severe proximal femoral bone defects. However, for minor femoral bone defects, the benefit of cementless modular is not clear. We designed a retrospective cross-sectional study to compare outcomes of the two femoral(More)
The pathogenesis of periprosthetic osteolysis with septic loosening remains incompletely understood. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether expression of the RANKL/RANK/OPG system is altered in septic interface membranes (SIMs). Seventeen cases with a SIM, 26 cases with an aseptic interface membrane (AIM), and 12 cases with a normal synovium(More)
Phosphatidylinositol‑3,4,5‑trisphosphate‑dependent Rac exchange factor 2a (PREX2a), which is a regulator of the small guanosine triphosphatase Rac, has recently been reported to have an oncogenic role via the suppression of phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome ten (PTEN) activity, and the subsequent activation of phosphoinositide 3‑kinase(More)
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