Zixuan Lin

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The combination of cooperative communication and Space-Time-Frequency-Codes (STFCs) has been recently proposed in the literature for Multiband OFDM Ultra-Wideband (MB-OFDM UWB) to improve the bit error performance, system capacity, data rate and wireless communications range. This paper proposes a cooperative communication design using Order-4 Orthogonal(More)
Recently, cooperative communication and Space-Time-Frequency-Codes (STFCs) have been introduced into the Multiband OFDM Ultra-Wideband (MB-OFDM UWB) to improve the reliability, data rate and system capacity. This paper proposes a cooperative communication scheme for a four source node MB-OFDM UWB system using Quasi-Orthogonal STFCs, which is referred to as(More)
Amputation of a limb induces changes in the so-called body schema, which might be influenced by the use of prosthetic devices. Changes in the body representation associated with prosthesis use could be investigated using a hand mental rotation task. However, direct neurophysiologic evidence for the effect of prosthesis use on hand mental rotation is still(More)
Recently, the combination of cooperative communication, Space-Time-Frequency Codes (STFCs) and Multiband OFDM Ultra-Wideband (MB-OFDM UWB) has been proposed to improve the data rate, system capacity and reliability. This paper provides insightful performance evaluation for our previous proposed cooperative communication schemes for MB-OFDM UWB systems. In(More)
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