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High quality draft genome sequence of the moderately halophilic bacterium Pontibacillus yanchengensis Y32T and comparison among Pontibacillus genomes
The genome of strain Y32T possesses many genes related to its halophilic character, flagellar assembly and chemotaxis to support its survival in a salt-rich environment. Expand
Mucilaginibacter pedocola sp. nov., isolated from a heavy-metal-contaminated paddy field.
The isolate was strictly aerobic, pink-pigmented, catalase- and oxidase-positive and produced exopolysaccharides and represented a novel species of the genus Mucilaginibacter, for which the name MucILaginibacteria pedocola sp. Expand
Sphingosinicella humi sp. nov., isolated from arsenic-contaminated farmland soil and emended description of the genus Sphingosinicella.
A Gram-stain-negative, strictly aerobic bacterium, isolated from arsenic-contaminated farmland soil, represents a novel species of Sphingosinicella, for which the name SphingOSinicellahumi sp. Expand
Edaphobaculum flavum gen. nov., sp. nov., a member of family Chitinophagaceae, isolated from grassland soil.
On the basis of the polyphasic analyses, strain 1-116T represents a novel genus and species in the family Chitinophagaceae, for which the name Edaphobaculum flavum gen. nov., sp. Expand
Genetics and proteomics analyses reveal the roles of PhoB1 and PhoB2 regulators in bacterial responses to arsenite and phosphate.
Results showed PhoB1 and phoB2 were both involved in Pi acquisition, Pho b1 was more important with As(III) and Phob2 played a major role without As( III), and strain GW4 uses these two regulators to survive under low Pi and arsenic-rich environments. Expand
Regulation of antimonite oxidation and resistance by the phosphate regulator PhoB in Agrobacterium tumefaciens GW4.
Results showed that PhoB2 positively regulates Sb(III) oxidation and Pho B2 is also associated with Sb (III) resistance, which may provide a great contribution for bacterial survival in the environment with SB and for bioremediation application. Expand