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The robust stability of uncertain discrete-time recurrent neural networks with time-varying delay is investigated. By decomposing some connection weight matrices, new Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals are constructed, and serial new improved stability criteria are derived. These criteria are formulated in the forms of linear matrix inequalities LMIs. Compared(More)
—In this paper, some new nonlinear generalized Gronwall-Bellman-Type integral inequalities with mixed time delays are established. These inequalities can be used as handy tools to research stability problems of delayed differential and integral dynamic systems. As applications, based on these new established inequalities, some p-stable results of a(More)
—This paper studies the mean square exponential synchronization problem of a class of stochastic neutral type chaotic neural networks with mixed delay. On the Basis of Lyapunov stability theory, some sufficient conditions ensuring the mean square exponential synchronization of two identical chaotic neural networks are obtained by using stochastic analysis(More)
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) originate from tumor tissues and are associated with cancer prognosis. However, existing technologies for CTC detection are limited owing to a lack of specific or accurate biomarkers. Here, we developed a new method for CTC detection based on the karyoplasmic ratio, without biomarkers. Consecutive patients with liver cancer or(More)
For solving linear variational inequalities(LVIs) and quadratic optimization problems(QOPs), a new delayed projection neural network is proposed in this paper. And some sufficient conditions ensuring exponential stability are obtained via constructing appropriate Lyapunov functionals. As a special case, a matrix constraint is considered too. In this case,(More)
Aimed at the ordering problem of fuzzy sets, an approximate fuzzy set is obtained by rough fuzzy sets. It has good geometric meaning and simple operation, which makes it a good approximation method to research fuzzy sets. Since rough fuzzy number keeping weak partial order, by this property, better research results are gained on ordering of fuzzy sets. This(More)