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This paper describes our system for the CoNLL-2016 Shared Task on Shallow Discourse Parsing on English. We adopt a cascaded framework consisting of nine components, among which six are casted as sequence labeling tasks and the remaining three are treated as classification problems. All our sequence labeling and classification models are implemented based on(More)
Host load prediction is one of the key research issues in Cloud computing. However, due to the drastic fluctuation of the host load in the Cloud, accurately predicting the host load remains a challenge. In this paper, a discriminative model (SVM) is employed to improve upon the accuracy of host load prediction in a Cloud data center. A rich set of features(More)
Cytochromes P450 (CYPs) are a major source of variability in pharmacokinetics and drug response. CYPs utilize a variety of small and large molecules as substrates in enzymatic reactions. The CYP genes may be divided into two groups: Endogenous CYPs (CYP family 7-51) and xenobiotic CYPs (CYP family 1-4). The aim of the present study was to investigate(More)
In order to better understand and describe tasks and improve the ability of Cloud, the analyzing of tasks inessential. A coarse-grained analysis, cluster analysis, anointer-cluster analysis are used to model tasks for the analysis of a one-month trace of a Google MapReduce cluster across about 12,000 machines. In this paper, we consider the k value which is(More)
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