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OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence, importance, and the order of frequency of IgE-mediated food allergens among infants and young children in Israel. STUDY DESIGN AND PATIENTS In a cross-sectional study, the prevalence of IgE-mediated food allergy was investigated in 9070 infants and young children (0-2 years) who were followed-up at 23 Family Health(More)
BACKGROUND Infection remains an important cause of morbidity and mortality in heart-lung transplant recipients. This study was designed to assess the frequency, type, and timing of infection in heart-lung transplant recipients. METHODS A retrospective analysis of 200 episodes of serious infections occurring in 73 heart-lung recipients at Stanford (Calif)(More)
Sex workers play a major role in spreading sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We studied the prevalence rates and risk factors for STIs among 300 brothel-based sex workers in Tel-Aviv. Throat swabs were cultured for Neisseria gonorrhoeae, urine samples were tested by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for Chlamydia trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae, and sera(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical wound infections caused by rapidly growing mycobacteria developed in 15 women after insertion of breast implants from August to November 2003 at a single medical center. METHODS A case-control study was conducted that included the identified patients, as well as women who underwent breast operations at the same center who did not(More)
BACKGROUND. On 28 June 2005, numerous cases of febrile illness were reported among 322 students and employees of a boarding high school located in an urban area in central Israel. Subsequent investigation identified a large outbreak of Q fever which started 2 weeks earlier. We describe the investigation of this outbreak and its possible implications.(More)
BACKGROUND In March 2002, a patient in Tel Aviv, Israel, died of endocarditis caused by Phialemonium curvatum. As part of his therapy for erectile dysfunction, the patient had been trained to self-inject a compound of vasoactive drugs provided by an impotence clinic into his penile corpus cavernosous. METHODS We identified the used prefilled syringes as(More)
OBJECTIVES A sharp increase in the incidence of gonorrhea has been observed in Tel Aviv, Israel, since 1999. Almost one half of interviewed patients admitted contracting the infection from a sex worker. In two thirds of the cases, oral sex (fellatio) was the most probable route of acquiring the disease. In the current study, we assessed the prevalence of(More)
The impact of infl uenza epidemics on mortality: introducing a severity index.ing infl uenza epidemics using search engine query data. Flu Trends " data for pandemic H1N1 in-fl uenza: the New Zealand experience. trends: a web-based tool for real-time surveillance of disease outbreaks. To the Editor: We report 2 cases of possible recurrent laboratory-confi(More)
We report a fatal case of community-acquired Legionnaires' disease in an infant aged under six months. Epidemiological and microbiological investigations suggested that a free-standing cold water humidifier using domestic tap water contaminated with Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 served as a vehicle for infection. These findings were corroborated by(More)
We present the findings of a six-year surveillance period (2005–2010) of human West Nile virus (WNV) infection in Tel Aviv district, Israel. Initial notifications of positively identified patients received from the Central Virology Laboratory were followed by epidemiological investigations of the local district health office. During 2005–2010, 104 patients,(More)