Ziva Amitai

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The impact of infl uenza epidemics on mortality: introducing a severity index.ing infl uenza epidemics using search engine query data. Flu Trends " data for pandemic H1N1 in-fl uenza: the New Zealand experience. trends: a web-based tool for real-time surveillance of disease outbreaks. To the Editor: We report 2 cases of possible recurrent laboratory-confi(More)
PURPOSE Official suicide statistics often produce an inaccurate view of suicide populations, since some deaths endorsed as being of uncertain manner are in fact suicides; it is common, therefore, in suicide research, to account for these deaths. We aimed to test the hypothesis that non-suicide death categories contain a large potential reservoir of(More)
was defi ned by a >4-fold increase in infl uenza-specifi c hemagglutinin inhibition assay titer between baseline and convalescent-phase serum samples by using turkey erythrocytes and A/ TN/1560/2009(H1N1), a representative pandemic infl uenza virus. Of the 422 nurses included in the analysis, 42 (10.0%) showed serocon-version to pandemic (H1N1) 2009. Of 128(More)
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