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This report covers 15 to 47 months of follow-up study of 66 obese women who participated in a 10-week weight reduction program. Subjects were divided into three self-esteem groups and into two groups of "internal" and "external" subjects. The average weight regain during the follow-up period was 3.1 kg, although all subjects remained below their(More)
One hundred sixteen women participated in a 10-week weight reduction program and lost on the average of 7 kg. Family-related variables and two personality constructs, self-esteem and Internal-External Locus of Control (I-E Loc), were examined as predictors for success in weight loss. Principal findings were: (a) Subjects with low self-esteem scores lost(More)
This study explored the relationship between dominance-achievement motivation and psychological adjustment of 53 patients after their first myocardial infarction. These two motivations are perceived as expressions of general tendency to "agency," or assertiveness. The following findings were observed: (1) High-agency subjects reported less depressive moods(More)
Selective mutism (SM) is a relatively rare childhood disorder and is underdiagnosed and undertreated. The purpose of the retrospective naturalistic study was to examine the long-term outcome of children with SM who were treated with specifically designed modular cognitive behavioral therapy (MCBT). Parents of 36 children who met diagnostic criteria of SM(More)
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