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We introduce a new mathematical tool for quantifying the symmetry contents of molecular structures: the Symmetry Operation Measures. In this approach, we measure the minimal distance between a given structure and the structure which is obtained after applying a selected symmetry operation on it. If the given operation is a true symmetry operation for the(More)
Mathematical modeling of brain function is an important tool needed for a better understanding of experimental results and clinical situations. In the present study, we are constructing and testing a mathematical model capable of simulating changes in brain energy metabolism that develop in real time under various pathophysiological conditions. The model(More)
Based on experimental evidence, explicit vorticity-distributed solutions to the Euler equations in two dimensions are constructed describing the tripole vortex. The vortex form and the solution outside the region of nonzero vorticity are derived analytically, while the interior is solved numerically. The continuous-vorticity solution reproduces the main(More)
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