Zisheng Cheng

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Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of supplementingmethionine hydroxyanalogue (MHA) on the performance, body composition, and nutrition retention of rainbow trout. In experiment 1, a 2 4 factorial arrangement with two MHA supplemental levels (with and without) and four ¢sh meal replacement levels (25%,50%,75%, and100%, replacedwith(More)
Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of protein and lipid sources on cholesterol, AA, and fatty acid content, and on biological performance of juvenile Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone). In Exp. 1, seven isonitrogenous and isocaloric diets were prepared using fish meal; soybean meal; casein; fish meal + soybean meal; fish(More)
A suitable drug-loaded scaffold that can postoperatively release an antituberculosis drug efficiently in a lesion area and help repair a bone defect is very important in the clinical treatment of bone tuberculosis (TB). In this study, a composite drug-loaded cylindrical scaffold was prepared by using three-dimensional printing technology in combination with(More)
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