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Security & Inspection X-Ray Systems is widely used by custom to accomplish some security missions by inspecting import-export cargo. Due to the specificity of cargo X-Ray image, such as overlap, viewpoint dependence, and variants of cargo categories, it couldn't be understood easily like natural ones by human. Even for experienced screeners, it's very(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the curative effect of the lateral nasal artery pedicled nasolabial flap for reconstruction of nasal defects. METHODS From August 2005 to March 2009, 12 cases of large nasal tip and alar defects were repaired with the lateral nasal artery pedicled nasolabial flap. There were 5 male patients and 7 female patients with a mean age of(More)
Broadband photodetection is central to various technological applications including imaging, sensing and optical communications. On account of their Dirac-like surface state, Topological insulators (TIs) are theoretically predicted to be promising candidate materials for broadband photodetection from the infrared to the terahertz. Here, we report a(More)
Direct millimeter-wave (MMW) holographic imaging, which provides both the amplitude and phase information by using the heterodyne mixing technique, is considered a powerful tool for personnel security surveillance. However, MWW imaging systems usually suffer from the problem of high cost or relatively long data acquisition periods for array or single-pixel(More)
Terahertz phase imaging can reveal the depth information of an optically opaque object and provide much better contrast for weak-absorption materials. We demonstrate a continuous-wave terahertz interferometric imaging method in which a far-infrared laser interferometer is used to measure the phase distribution with diffraction-limited lateral resolution and(More)
Bus signal priority (BSP) system is a computer network control system. At present, there are some researches on optimize algorithm of the BSP system. They calculated the passager delay of bus using average ridership and flow ratio due to the deficiency of information collection technology. However, with the development of communication technology, real-time(More)
Blepharophimosis-ptosis-epicanthus inversus (BPES) is a rare genetic disease involving a complex eyelid malformation. The surgical treatment approach for BPES is highly complex and a subject of controversy. This study reports the results of a one-stage frontalis muscle transfer technique to correct BPES. This retrospective, interventional study included 21(More)
Traffic monitoring is not only used to collect traffic information but also used to analyze the cause of traffic accident. However, the accuracy of video image detection system is dependent upon many factors such as the camera height, location, and angle above the roadway. There is small number of research in this field at present. This paper discusses the(More)
Millimeter-wave (MMW) holographic imaging has been intensively investigated for the application of personnel inspection. In order to obtain high resolution images, synthetic aperture technique can be used to form large virtual aperture. However, the effective size of the synthetic aperture is always limited by the beamwidth of the transmitting and receiving(More)