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Using an effective method to measure the brain functional connectivity is an important step to study the brain functional network. The main methods for constructing an undirected brain functional network include correlation coefficient (CF), partial correlation coefficient (PCF), mutual information (MI), wavelet correlation coefficient (WCF), and coherence(More)
Three types of copper sulfides including CuS, Cu7S4 and Cu9S5 were successfully synthesized at different concentrations of ethylenediamine in a liquid phase synthesis process. The whole shape evolution of Cu7S4 microstructures could be manipulated by adjusting the concentration of ethylenediamine. This study indicates that the coordination chemistry of(More)
The imaging in geosynchronous synthetic aperture radar (GEO SAR) is more difficult than that of the conventional low earth orbit (LEO) SAR. This paper discusses the problems in GEO SAR imaging, reviews the previous studies, and provides basic solutions to the remaining problems. The two-dimensional space variance of the focusing parameters in the large(More)
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