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Environmental water problems have become increasingly severe, with the coal-water conflict becoming one of the most difficult issues in large scale coal mining regions. In this paper, a bi-level optimization model based on the Stackelberg-Nash equilibrium strategy with fuzzy coefficients is developed to deal with environmental water problems in large scale(More)
The mixed multinomial logit (MNL) approach, which can account for unobserved heterogeneity, is a promising unordered model that has been employed in analyzing the effect of factors contributing to crash severity. However, its basic assumption of using a linear function to explore the relationship between the probability of crash severity and its(More)
Air passenger transport carbon emissions have become a great challenge for both governments and airlines because of rapid developments in the aviation industry in recent decades. In this paper, a mixed mechanism composed of a cap-and-trade mechanism and a carbon tax mechanism is developed to assist governments in allocating carbon emission allowances to(More)
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