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OBJECTIVES To analyse differences in smoking behaviour and smoking expenditures among low and high income households in China and the impact of smoking on standard of living of low income households in China. METHODS About 3400 urban and rural households from 36 townships/districts in southwest China were interviewed in 2002. Cross tabulations and(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse economic aspects of tobacco control policy issues in China. METHODS Published and collected survey data were used to analyse economic consequences of smoking. Economic analysis was used to address the role of tobacco farmers and the cigarette industry in the Chinese economy. RESULTS In the agricultural sector, tobacco has the lowest(More)
The function of rice dwarf virus segment 11 and the corresponding segments of other phytoreoviruses is not yet determined. The amino acid sequence of Pns11, encoded by segment 11, contains a putative zinc finger and five flanking basic regions at the C-terminus. The full-length Pns11 protein and three truncated derivatives, which lack the N-terminus, the(More)
In this study, we hoped to provide valuable clinical information on yersiniosis for clinicians. Two thousand six hundred stool samples were collected from in- and outpatients with diarrhea, which were tested with both culture method and real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). In total, 188 positive samples were detected by RT-PCR (178) and culture(More)
  • W Hu, M Chen, +4 authors T Lu
  • 2001
From January 1968 to December 1997, a total of 71 patients with stage I(E) (Ann Arbor staging system, 1971) primary non-Hodgkin's lymphomas of the nasal cavity received treatment in the Cancer Center of Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences. Thirty-seven lesions were limited to the nasal cavity (limited I(E)), whereas the other 34 were extended to the(More)
The outer capsid protein (P8) heterogeneity of rice dwarf virus (RDV) exists not only in purified virus particles, but also in RDV-infected rice, transgenic rice expressing P8, E. coli expression of P8 product and the in vitro translation products of S8. N-terminal amino acid sequencing revealed that P8 is a cleavage product of P8'. The cleavage occurs(More)
A plasmid DNA that encodes chicken interleukin-2 (pCI-ChIL-2-EGFP) was investigated for its distribution and expression after intramuscular (i.m.) injection in chickens. After the i.m. injection, serum distribution was detectable from 2 h post inoculation (p.i.), peaked at 8 h p.i., and disappeared at 7 days p.i. The plasmid DNA was also observed in several(More)