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In this study, we hoped to provide valuable clinical information on yersiniosis for clinicians. Two thousand six hundred stool samples were collected from in- and outpatients with diarrhea, which were tested with both culture method and real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). In total, 188 positive samples were detected by RT-PCR (178) and culture(More)
The outer capsid protein (P8) heterogeneity of rice dwarf virus (RDV) exists not only in purified virus particles, but also in RDV-infected rice, transgenic rice expressing P8, E. coli expression of P8 product and the in vitro translation products of S8. N-terminal amino acid sequencing revealed that P8 is a cleavage product of P8′. The cleavage occurs(More)
† Corresponding author. Phone: 740-597-1481, Fax: 740-593-0007, Email: zhangw@bobcat.ent.ohiou.edu Abstract With the emerging of highly automated and flexible manufacturing systems in semiconductor fabrication, reliability and optimal productivity of such systems require very intelligent and complex control systems. Deadlock issue arises easily in these(More)
This work is concerned with generating the digital elevation models (DEMs) from the SAR images of the region of interest using multiple sensor arrays that are fixed on the distributed satellites. We present an exact estimate of the unwrapped phase and the relationship between the unwrapped phase and the terrain height. The optimum scheme that jointly(More)
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