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On large scale dataset, the effect of automatic text classification is now still far from perfect. It's a common agreement that more sufficient text semantic meaning be adopted in text representation to deal with the challenge. This paper introduces semantic meaning of coreference in and to improve traditional BOW representation. The result of text(More)
For multi-rectangle detection, this paper proposes a new approach using restricted group Hough transform (RGHT) and rectangle's properties. Every image pixel is grouped and used RGHT firstly. Then the Hough peaks are extracted and used to find possible rectangles. And the possible rectangles are affirmed true by mechanism of evidence collection at last.(More)
Arctic coastal polynyas, defined here as persistent openings in the winter sea ice pack, are significant areas for ocean-atmosphere heat exchange, high winter sea ice production with resulting brine rejection and the dependence of local ecosystems. It is therefore critical to accurately quantify polynya area to understand their spatial and temporal(More)
The cutting pattern problem of the surplus steel plates (SPCP problem) is difficult to solve. In this paper, a divide-conquer heuristic search approach (DHSA) is proposed for SPCP. Firstly, the related knowledge is extracted and used in transforming the SPCP problem into the special restricted rectangle packing problem (S2RP problem) for each group of(More)
This paper observes and analyses IDF and it's properties on the best TC dataset. We checkout the Zipf law of occuring frequence(OF) and document frequence(DF) of features. And we pay much attention to the validity of order relationship based on OF and DF, then conclude that order relationship based on linear combination of OF and DF may be more informative.(More)