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In air/oil lubrication systems, the flow parameters, e.g., flow pattern, liquid film thickness, and air/oil flow rate, are of great importance to the transportation efficiency. In most cases, the ongoing two-phase flow is annular flow with the oil moving along the tube wall and the air travelling at high speed in the center. This usually results in the(More)
One main goal of CSCW is to achieve efficient communication, collaboration and coordination of group activity. The present conceptual models are insufficient in their flexibility, support for concurrent and asynchronous transactions, or applicable extension in CSCW systems. This paper proposes a new conceptual mode, namely AAM, which is based on anonymous(More)
—Two-phase flow measurement has attracted a major interest in the past four decades due to its wide range of applications in industry. This paper introduces a new method to separate the gas phase from the liquid phase through a blind source separation algorithm, without a separate device, based on the assumption that the two phases are separated and their(More)
The algorithm is applied to the field of hand gesture recognition by Referencing the Bag of Feature (BoF) algorithm in the field of target recognition and image retrieval. First of all, this paper uses the HSV skin color adaptive method to segment the gesture's information from body and uses SURF algorithm to extract the feature of the image. After feature(More)
The correct identification of two-phase flow regime is the basis for the accuracy measurement of other flow parameters in two-phase flow measurement. Electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) is a new measurement technology. It is often used to identify two-phase/multi-phase flow regime and investigate the distribution of solids. The support vector machine(More)
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