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The structures of metal-thiolate clusters in Zn(7)-MT, Cd(7)-MT, Cu(12)-MT, Ag(12)-MT, and Ag(17)-MT from rabbit liver have been investigated by sulfur K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS). In addition to providing metal-cysteinyl sulfur bond lengths, the sulfur K-edge EXAFS data provide the first direct evidence for mixtures of bridging and terminal(More)
Metallothionein is a ubiquitous protein with a wide range of proposed physiological roles, including the transport, storage and detoxification of essential and nonessential trace metals. The amino acid sequence of isoform 2a of rabbit liver metallothionein, the isoform used in our spectroscopic studies, includes 20 cysteinyl groups out of 62 amino acids.(More)
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