Ziping Li

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STUDY DESIGN A prospective observational study of patients with sciatica. OBJECTIVE We investigated the effectiveness of 3-dimensional high-spatial resolution diffusion-weighted MR neurography based on steady state free precession (3-dimensional diffusion-weighted steady-state free precession [DW-SSFP]) in the diagnosis of sciatica. SUMMARY OF(More)
In comparison with the left and right hepatic arteries, there is a relative lack of information on the middle hepatic artery (MHA). In this study, data obtained by multidetector computed tomography from 145 patients were studied to evaluate anatomical variations of the MHA, a hilar artery that primarily supplies hepatic segment 4. An MHA was present in 103(More)
PURPOSE To depict the normal anatomy of cranial nerves in detail and define the exact relationships between cranial nerves and adjacent structures with three-dimensional reversed fast imaging with steady-state precession (FISP) (3D-PSIF) with diffusion-weighted MR sequence. MATERIALS AND METHODS 3D-PSIF with diffusion-weighted MR sequence was performed(More)
OBJECTIVES This study sought to (1) assess the effectiveness of acupuncture and moxibustion with a method of soothing the liver and regulating the mind on the quality of life among patients with depression and (2) study the sex differences of acupuncture and moxibustion in the treatment of depression on the basis of patient-reported outcomes. METHODS In a(More)
With digitisation and the development of computer-aided diagnosis, histopathological image analysis has attracted considerable interest in recent years. In this article, we address the problem of the automated annotation of skin biopsy images, a special type of histopathological image analysis. In contrast to previous well-studied methods in histopathology,(More)
Quantification of non-quantitative indicators is a key point of the performance measurement. In practice, the non- quantitative indicators are appraised by experts according to some criteria and are scored with the method of weighted average. The paper clarifies the importance of the quantification of non-quantitative indicators and proves out the(More)
This study aims to investigate the molecular mechanisms of acupuncture in the remission of depression. A depressive disorder model was induced by exposing Sprague-Dawley rats to chronic unpredictable stress. The rats were divided into five groups: healthy (blank group) and stressed rats (model group), and stressed rats treated with acupuncture (acupuncture(More)
Hemolymphangioma is a rare vascular developmental error. It comprises malformed venous and lymphatic component in various proportion. To the best of our knowledge, only a few cases have been reported in the literature so far. Here, we report a case of huge intraperitoneal cystic mass in a 3-year-old boy that was presented to hospital with intractable(More)