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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t For the first time, comprehensive aircraft measurements of atmospheric aerosols and cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) were made over the Loess Plateau in Shanxi, China. Data from six flights in July and August 2013 were analyzed. Fine aerosols were predominant over the region. On the one hazy day, the fraction of fine(More)
Vertical distributions of aerosol optical properties based on aircraft measurements over the Loess Plateau were measured for the first time during a summertime aircraft campaign, 2013 in Shanxi, China. Data from four flights were analyzed. The vertical distributions of aerosol optical properties including aerosol scattering coefficients (σsc), absorption(More)
1. Introduction The heavy air pollution, known as Atmospheric Brown Cloud (ABC), has been research mainly for its radiative effects and cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) activity that act to nucleate larger number of smaller cloud drops, and hence suppress coalescence and warm rain forming processes (Ramanathan et al., 2001). Precipitation in convective(More)
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