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The present study investigated changes in the prosodic and acoustic-phonetic features of isolated words by four male talkers speaking in quite and in pink noise at a level of 95 dB SPL. Speech samples were collected both with and without an oxygen mask. Changes in duration, fundamental frequency, total energy, and formant center frequency were analyzed. In(More)
Voicing is a phonological contrast which emerges early in the speech of children. However, the acoustic correlates of the voicing contrast for stop consonants are fairly complex. In the initial position, voicing is cued primarily by the relative timing of articulatory versus laryngeal gestures. In the final position, the duration of the preceding vowel is(More)
Linguistic background has been identified as important in the perception of pitch, particularly between tonal versus nontonal languages. In addition, a link between native language and the perception of musical pitch has also been established. This pilot study examined the perception of pitch between listeners from tonal and nontonal linguistic cultures(More)