Zinny S. Bond

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The present study investigated changes in the prosodic and acoustic-phonetic features of isolated words by four male talkers speaking in quite and in pink noise at a level of 95 dB SPL. Speech samples were collected both with and without an oxygen mask. Changes in duration, fundamental frequency, total energy, and formant center frequency were analyzed. In(More)
This study investigated identification of fragmented Mandarin tones by non-native listeners. Monosyllabic Mandarin words were digitally processed to generate intact, silent-center, center-only, and onset-only syllables. The syllables were recorded with two carrier phrases such that the offset of the carrier tone and the onset of the target tone were either(More)
Voicing is a phonological contrast which emerges early in the speech of children. However, the acoustic correlates of the voicing contrast for stop consonants are fairly complex. In the initial position, voicing is cued primarily by the relative timing of articulatory versus laryngeal gestures. In the final position, the duration of the preceding vowel is(More)
Native speakers and learners of Latvian read isolated words and a short text, designed to inventory the prosodic patterns of the target language. The learners did not match native speaker patterns on any of the prosodic properties examined: contrastive vowel durations, syllable intonations, stress or rhythm. Rather, their productions were strongly(More)
Young children frequently substitute stops for fricative-stop clusters. In this paper, we report acoustic measurements for children's intended voiced and voiceless stops, and for stops substituting for clusters. Judging from voice-onset time measurements, children employ various strategies for assigning phonological status to the substituted stops.