Zinelabidine Boulkenafet

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Research on face spoofing detection has mainly been fo-cused on analyzing the luminance of the face images, hence discarding the chrominance information which can be useful for discriminating fake faces from genuine ones. In this work, we propose a new face anti-spoofing method based on color texture analysis. We analyze the joint color-texture information(More)
Audiovisual speech synchrony detection is an important liveness check for talking face verification systems in order to make sure that the input biometric samples are actually acquired from the same source. In prior work, the used visual speech features have been mainly describing facial appearance or mouth shape in frame-wise manner, thus ignoring the lip(More)
The I-vector approach to speaker recognition has become the prevalent paradigm overt he past 2y ears, showing top performance in NIST evaluations. This success is due mainly to the capability of the I-vector to capture and compress the speaker characteristics at lowd imension and the subsequent channel compensation techniques that minimize channel(More)
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