Zinan Zhao

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This paper applies a Markov chain Monte Carlo-based (MCMC) particle filter on the multiple target tracking problem. Traditional particle filters employ the sequential importance sampling/resampling method along with the MCMC move step, which is commonly used as a means to improve diversity among particles. The MCMC-based particle filter applied in this(More)
We study the thickness-shear vibrations of an x-strip monolithic piezoelectric plate made from AT-cut quartz crystals with two unequal electrode pairs. The Tiersten-Smythe scalar differential equations for electroded and unelectroded quartz plates are separately employed, resulting in free vibration distributions and frequencies of operating modes. The(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of randomized algorithms for computation of a class of high dimensional Gaussian weighted integrals. The work is an extension of past research by Keister et al. and later by Papageorgiou et al. who used non-product (grid-less) multidimensional quadrature rules and Quasi Monte Carlo respectively for integration in up(More)
We studied thickness-shear and thickness-twist vibrations of a monolithic, two-pole crystal filter made from a plate of AT-cut quartz. The scalar differential equations derived by Tiersten and Smythe for electroded and unelectroded quartz plates were employed which are valid for both the fundamental and the overtone modes. Exact solutions for the free(More)
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