Zimo Li

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We present ShapeNet: a richly-annotated, large-scale repository of shapes represented by 3D CAD models of objects. ShapeNet contains 3D models from a multitude of semantic categories and organizes them under the Word-Net taxonomy. It is a collection of datasets providing many semantic annotations for each 3D model such as consistent rigid alignments, parts(More)
Multi-ported memories are challenging to implement on FPGAs since the block RAMs included in the fabric typically have only two ports. Hence we must construct memories requiring more than two ports, either out of logic elements or by combining multiple block RAMs. We present a thorough exploration and evaluation of the design space of FPGA-based soft(More)
Silicon interposer technology ("2.5D" stacking) enables the integration of multiple memory stacks with a processor chip, thereby greatly increasing in-package memory capacity while largely avoiding the thermal challenges of 3D stacking DRAM on the processor. Systems employing interposers for memory integration use the interposer to provide point-to-point(More)
Due to the abundance of 2D product images from the inter-net, developing efficient and scalable algorithms to recover the missing depth information is central to many applications. Recent works have addressed the single-view depth estimation problem by utilizing convo-lutional neural networks. In this paper, we show that exploring symmetry information,(More)
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