Ziming Yin

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The ratio of correct diagnosis for primary headache has always been relatively low for general practitioners due to the unacquaintance with headache guideline in Chinese primary hospitals. This study proposed a computerized headache guideline method using SAGE module and developed a decision support system for headache diagnosis, which could be expected to(More)
China may have the largest population of headache sufferers and therefore the most serious burden of disease worldwide. However, the rate of diagnosis for headache disorders is extremely low, possibly due to the relative complexity of headache subtypes and diagnostic criteria. The use of computerized clinical decision support systems (CDSS) seems to be a(More)
MT1-MMP (membrane type 1-matrix metalloproteinase) plays important roles in cell growth and tumor invasion via mediating cleavage of MMP2/gelatinase A and a variety of substrates including type I collagen. BST-2 (bone marrow stromal cell antigen 2) is a membrane tetherin whose expression dramatically reduces the release of a broad range of enveloped viruses(More)
The overlap between probable migraine (PM) and probable tension-type headache (PTTH) often confuses physicians in clinical practice. Although clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) have been proven to be helpful in the diagnosis of primary headaches, the existing guideline-based headache disorder CDSSs do not perform adequately due to this overlapping(More)
On the basis of traditional image-based diagnostic, there have been many research results shown that the comparative analysis would be more comprehensive, intuitive and targeted. In actual clinical environment, the comparison of medical imaging data on the clinician workstations is inefficient and cumbersome due to the limited support of an integrated way(More)
Clinical decision support system (CDSS) is an effective tool for improving healthcare quality. Since the clinical symptoms of some primary headache disorders in individual patients often overlap and that ill-defined boundaries for some headache features may be vague, current rule-based CDSS cannot perform as well as expected. In this paper, we develop a(More)
Neuropsychological testing is an effective means for the screening of Alzheimer's disease. Multiple neuropsychological rating scales should be used together to get subjects' comprehensive cognitive state due to the limitation of a single scale, but it is difficult to operate in primary clinical settings because of the inadequacy of time and qualified(More)
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