Zimin Yang

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In this paper, we propose a new method for scheduling of maintenance operations in a manufacturing system using the continuous assessment and prediction of the level of performance degradation of manufacturing equipment , as well as the complex interaction between the production process and maintenance operations. Effects of any maintenance schedule are(More)
This research presents optimized maintenance design using simulation to analyze the capability of auto part manufacturing production system. The integration of simulation and optimization is used to identify critical stations, an optimal system design and maintenance scheduling schemes and evaluates their effects on the overall system performance. Most(More)
Mogroside IIE is a bitter triterpenoid saponin which is the main component of unripe Luo Han Guo fruit and a precursor of the commercially available sweetener mogroside V. In this study, we developed an enzymatic glycosyl transfer method, by which bitter mogroside IIE could be converted into a sweet triterpenoid saponin mixture. The reactant concentration,(More)
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