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Minimal test cost attribute reduction is an important issue in cost-sensitive learning. Recently, an information gain based heuristic algorithm has been designed to this problem. However, the algorithm does not often find the optimal solution. In this paper, we develop an ant colony optimization algorithm to deal with this problem. First, the attribute set(More)
Mesh aluminum alloys (MAAs) have been widely used in military and civilian applications to suppress the explosion of flammable gases (fluids) inside containers. However, MAAs have not been tested in or applied to the hydrogen suppression-explosions. Hence, a typical MAA product, i.e., one that has been in wide use, is selected as the experimental material(More)
Image enhancement is an important pre-processing step for various image processing applications. In this paper, we proposed a physiologically-based adaptive three-Gaussian model for image enhancement. Comparing to the standard three-Gaussian model inspired by the spatial structure of the receptive field (RF) of the retinal ganglion cells, the proposed model(More)
Decision tree is an effective classification approach in data mining and machine learning. In some applications, test costs and misclassification costs should be considered while inducing decision trees. Recently, some cost-sensitive learning algorithms based on ID3, such as CS-ID3, IDX, ICET and λ-ID3, have been proposed to deal with the issue. In this(More)
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