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Recent research has developed virtualization architectures to protect the privacy of guest virtual machines. The key technology is to include an access control matrix in the hypervisor. However, existing approaches have either limited functionalities in the hypervisor or a Trusted Computing Base (TCB) which is too large to secure. In this paper, we propose(More)
The security of user applications largely relies on the proper execution of the underlying operating system. However, existing commodity OSes are inevitably vulnerable due to their enormous code base containing a whole bunch of bugs that can be easily exploited by attackers. In such situations, a proper way of protecting users' data privacy and integrity at(More)
  • M. Nandakishore, T. M. Theja Sree, +4 authors Q. Dai
  • 2016
Picture reranking is helpful for adjusting the presentation of content base picture seeks. In any case, reachable reranking estimations are compelled for two essential drivers: 1) the printed meta-data related with pictures is every now and again opposite with their real picture substance and 2) the uprooted visual highlights don't decisively(More)
Projects Secure Cloud Architecture Design 2011.8–Current This project studies new cloud architecture to protect the privacy of cloud users. Protect cloud users privacy information from malicious administrators in the cloud provider by reducing the privilege of cloud provider. Reduce the TCB size of cloud hypervisor in order to reduce costs of the cloud(More)
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