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Established diffractive optical elements (DOEs), such as Dammann gratings, whose phase profile is controlled by etching different depths into a transparent dielectric substrate, suffer from a contradiction between the complexity of fabrication procedures and the performance of such gratings. In this Letter, we combine the concept of geometric phase and(More)
A conventional optical zoom system is bulky, expensive, and complicated for real-time adjustment. Recent progress in metasurface research has provided a new solution to achieve innovative compact optical systems. In this Letter, we propose a highly integrated step-zoom lens with dual field of view (FOV) based on double-sided metasurfaces. With silicon(More)
Since the transmission of anisotropic nano-structures is sensitive to the polarisation of an incident beam, a novel polarising beam splitter (PBS) based on silicon nanobrick arrays is proposed. With careful design of such structures, an incident beam with polarisation direction aligned with the long axis of the nanobrick is almost totally reflected(More)
Efficient transmission-type meta-holograms have been demonstrated using high-index dielectric nanostructures based on Huygens' principle. It is crucial that the geometry size of building blocks be judiciously optimized individually for spectral overlap of electric and magnetic dipoles. In contrast, reflection-type meta-holograms using the(More)
An optical illusion, such as "Rubin's vase", is caused by the information gathered by the eye, which is processed in the brain to give a perception that does not tally with a physical measurement of the stimulus source. Metasurfaces are metamaterials of reduced dimensionality which have opened up new avenues for flat optics. The recent advancement in(More)
Optical elements and devices based on metallic metasurface, with periodic micronano structures sitting on a substrate, have advantages such as ultra-thinness, broadband response and large extending angles. However, the relatively low efficiency is still a big problem and would hold back their practical applications. Though high performance metasurface(More)
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