Zijie Cong

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Service matchmaking is an integral link of service discovery, composition, invocation and other similar tasks under Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Most current approaches measure the degree of match of two services based merely on their I/O pairs which could leads to false results. This paper presents an approach for matchmaking in Semantic Web(More)
The rapidly growing commercial interest in Linked Data raises the prospect of " Linked Data spam " , which we define as " deliberately misleading information (data and links) published as Linked Data, with the goal of creating financial gain for the publisher ". Compared to conventional technologies affected by spamming, e.g. email and blogs, spammers(More)
This paper presents a directory of heterogeneous web services, which addresses the issue of service discovery involving heterogeneous description languages such as OWLS , SAWSDL, WSDL and plain text. Service descriptions are mapped into a unified description model, which captures various important elements in different service description approaches. Our(More)
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