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It is known that local filtering-based edge preserving smoothing techniques suffer from halo artifacts. In this paper, a weighted guided image filter (WGIF) is introduced by incorporating an edge-aware weighting into an existing guided image filter (GIF) to address the problem. The WGIF inherits advantages of both global and local smoothing filters in the(More)
It is very challenging to synthesize a high dynamic range (HDR) image from multiple differently exposed low dynamic range images when there are moving objects in the images. This is due to the fact that the moving objects will cause ghosting artifacts to appear in the synthesized HDR image. To prevent such artifacts, a patching algorithm is required to(More)
In this paper, we introduce an exposure fusion scheme for differently exposed images with moving objects. The proposed scheme comprises a ghost removal algorithm in a low dynamic range domain and a selectively detail-enhanced exposure fusion algorithm. The proposed ghost removal algorithm includes a bidirectional normalization-based method for the detection(More)
A robust scheme is proposed to generate an anti-ghosting high dynamic range (HDR) image from a set of low dynamic range (LDR) images with different exposure times. Three major contributions of this paper are 1) a bi-directional prediction method; 2) an adaptive threshold for the classification of pixels; 3) Bayes estimator based methods for the on-line(More)
This letter presents a novel exposure-robust method to align differently exposed images. First, a directional mapping approach is introduced to normalize differently exposed images so as to alleviate the effect of saturation. Then, a non-parametric local binary pattern (LBP) is employed to represent intensity-invariant features of these images. An efficient(More)
In this paper, a bilateral filter in gradient domain is first proposed. It is then applied to study detail enhancement via multi-light images and noise reduction of differently exposed low dynamic range images. These two applications show that the proposed filter can be applied to extract fine details from a set of images simultaneously and to provide(More)
Ghosting artifacts could be generated in a high dynamic range (HDR) image if it is synthesized for a scene with moving objects by using differently exposed low dynamic range (LDR) images. To remove the ghosting artifacts, pixels affected by movement, i.e., moving regions, are detected from all LDR images, and all pixels in the moving regions are not(More)
Images of outdoor scenes could be degraded by haze, fog, and smoke in the atmosphere. In this paper, we propose a novel single image haze removal algorithm by introducing a minimal color channel and a sky region compensation term. A simplified dark channel is computed via the minimal color channel. The transmission map is first estimated by using the(More)
Many studies have suggested that emotional stimuli orient and engage attention. There is also evidence that animate stimuli, such as those from humans and animals, cause attentional bias. However, categorical and emotional factors are usually mixed, and it is unclear to what extent human context influences attentional allocation. To address this issue, we(More)