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With the increasing demand for express delivery, a courier needs to deliver many tasks in one day and it's necessary to deliver punctually as the customers expect. At the same time, they want to schedule the delivery tasks to minimize the total time of a courier's one-day delivery, considering the total travel time. However, most of scheduling researches on(More)
MOOCs are popular for online education because of its convenience and excellent educational resources. At present, MOOCs just provide very limited online practical environments such as online tests, quizzes and online judge etc., but they have not provided students with some dynamic and operable online practical environments, such as interactive education(More)
The influence of potential asymmetries on stochastic resonance (SR) subject to both multiplicative and additive noise is studied by using two-state theory, where three types of asymmetries are introduced in double-well potential by varying the depth, the width, and both the depth and the width of the left well alone. The characteristics of SR in the(More)
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