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The grey theory mainly works on systems analysis with poor, incomplete or uncertain messages. The popular grey model, GM(1,1) is efficient for long-term port throughput forecasting. However, it is imperfect when the throughput increases in the curve with S type or the increment of throughput is in the saturation stage. In this case, the throughput(More)
The obstacles measurement and recognition from the complex background is the first step for a power transmission line inspection robot to negotiate obstacles autonomously with high reliability. This paper introduces the research and application situations of the inspection robot and analyses the features of the typical obstacles in the real power line. The(More)
The instrumental variable method consistently estimates the effect of a treatment when there is unmeasured confounding and a valid instrumental variable. A valid instrumental variable is a variable that is independent of unmeasured confounders and affects the treatment but does not have a direct effect on the outcome beyond its effect on the treatment. Two(More)
Construction of ecological port has become an important direction of port development. Research on evaluation and prediction of evolution of port ecological carrying capacity trend can provide available and reliable method for ecological port construction. A system dynamics (SD) model for port ecological carrying capacity considering characteristics of port(More)
The paper firstly analyzed the navigation system, including the vessels, single-fairway, berths, and anchorage et al. Then, a port navigation operation simulation model was established by Arena considering the characteristics of vessel navigation, the production and operation of coastal bulk cargo port area. Besides, in order to study the fairway capacity,(More)
The robustness of container marine transportation network (CMTN) has tremendous effects in functioning and security of international shipping and logistics. Therefore, this paper investigates the dynamic robustness of CMTN against random and intentional attacks. We first present a CMTN reconfiguration model for dynamic robustness analysis, which(More)