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The heat transfer analysis of hydrate-bearing sediment involved phase changes is one of the key requirements of gas hydrate exploitation techniques. In this paper, experiments were conducted to examine the heat transfer performance during hydrate formation and dissociation by a thermal method using a 5L volume reactor. This study simulated porous media by(More)
Evaluating the clinical similarities between pairwisepatients is a fundamental problem in healthcare informatics. Aproper patient similarity measure enables various downstreamapplications, such as cohort study and treatment comparative effectiveness research. One major carrier for conductingpatient similarity research is the Electronic Health Records(EHRs),(More)
In insurance industry, frequent business variation brings new problems to Insurance database design: serious complexity, difficulties in database maintenance and updating, low efficiency in the inquiry and reconstruction of components. Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) is a technique that bases on the order theory, which can show concepts and their hierarchical(More)
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