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To test the hypothesis that different drivers shape the diversity and biogeography of the total and active bacterial community, we examined the bacterial community composition along two transects, one from the inner Pearl River estuary to the open waters of the South China Sea (SCS) and the other from the Luzon Strait to the SCS basin, using 454(More)
To determine microbial community composition, community spatial structure and possible key microbial processes in the shallow-sea hydrothermal vent systems off NE Taiwan's coast, we examined the bacterial and archaeal communities of four samples collected from the water column extending over a redoxocline gradient of a yellow and four from a white(More)
A new aerobic, Gram-negative, chemo-organotrophic, euryhaline bacterium, designated strain JL2009T, was isolated from surface water of the Caribbean Sea. The strain formed flaxen colonies on marine ager 2216 (MA; Difco) medium. Cells were dimorphic, with stalks or a polar flagellum, and reproduction occurred by means of binary fission. Growth occurred at(More)
To construct effective genetic expression parts controlling transcription and translation initiation for synthetic biology and heterologous expression in Corynebacterium glutamicum. Twelve highly expressed genes were identified from the proteomic data of C. glutamicum. Their related sequences were used to construct bicistronic genetic expression parts. Each(More)
Massive open online course is now a popular choice for online learners. There are many MOOC platforms all over the world. They provide multiple variants of MOOC. Traditionally, students learn by watching videos and doing online quizzes. Course forum is also an important component of MOOC. It is a good place for opinions sharing and discussion. This paper(More)
In this paper, we study a partially linear varying-coefficient errors-in-variables (EV) model under additional restricted condition. Both of the parametric and nonparametric components are measured with additive errors. The restricted estimators of parametric and nonparametric components are established based on modified profile least-squares method and(More)
Euryhalocaulis caribicus strain JL2009(T) is a novel genus and species of the family Hyphomonadaceae and was first isolated from surface water in the Caribbean Sea. Here, we report the first draft genome from this genus. Its genome contains genes encoding proteins that are involved in organic acid metabolism and probable low-affinity inorganic phosphate(More)