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Skin but not vascularized cardiac allografts from B6.H-2bm12 mice are acutely rejected by C57BL/6 recipients in response to the single class II MHC disparity. The underlying mechanisms preventing acute rejection of B6.H-2bm12 heart allografts by C57BL/6 recipients were investigated. B6.H-2bm12 heart allografts induced low levels of alloreactive effector T(More)
Figure 1: Our work provides a design tool to realize the desired bending elasticity of a generalized cylindrical model by changing the shell thickness (blue=thin, red=thick). Given the shape of the model's rotational symmetry axis under bending, we use a data-driven method to compute a non-uniformly hollowed shape to realize the desired deformation(More)
Bile duct adenomas are benign bile duct proliferations usually encountered as an incidental finding. Oncocytic bile duct neoplasms are rare and the majority are malignant. A 61-year-old male with a diagnosis of colorectal adenocarcinoma was undergoing surgery when a small white nodule was discovered on the surface of the right lobe of his liver. This lesion(More)
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