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As traditional media and new media such as Weibo and WeChat are increasingly used, Internet has become the main supporter of thoughts of groups or individuals, which plays a key role in guidance of our daily life and society development. This study aims to investigate/propose a note feature extraction algorithm of data processing in massive news data,(More)
In this work, we succeeded in establishing a new method for proteins and small molecules analysis based on the small molecule-linked DNA and nucleic acid hyperbranched rolling circle amplification (HRCA). Small molecule linked DNA by chemical modification was used as a flexible tool to study protein-small molecule interactions. The HRCA reaction which would(More)
With the rising costs of labor and raw materials, more and more serious moral hazard appear between the supply chain this year, especially the risk of moral. Moral hazard problems of the supply chain more and more concern by the insiders. This paper studies the problem of supply chain moral hazard under the model of the principal-agent with information(More)
Peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction of OFDM signal has been a subject of intense research in the last decade. In this paper, we propose an undistorted PAPR reduction method for OFDM systems, which combines the Interleaving Method and a modified Partial Transmit Sequence (PTS) method with the new phase rotation. The computational complexity of(More)
Today’s WiFi networks deliver a large fraction of traffic. However, the performance and quality of WiFi networks are still far from satisfactory. Among many popular quality metrics (throughput, latency), the probability of successfully connecting to WiFi APs and the time cost of the WiFi connection set-up process are the two of the most critical metrics(More)
This study proposes a linear time-invariant (LTI) system based assessment approach for coronary heart disease (CHD) risk. Unlike traditional risk regression models, the new approach considers accumulated effects of CHD factors with time and can thus perform time-based simulation and real time assessment for the progression of coronary heart disease. There(More)
This study tested a new method of using self-affirmation theory to increase adaptive responses to health risk messages. Participants' self-concepts were affirmed via text integrated with risk messages (public service announcements/PSAs) rather than by methods used in most previous studies that have limited applicability for campaigns employing mediated(More)
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