Zihan Liu

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We propose a maximum lexical cohesion (MLC) approach to news story segmentation. Unlike sentence-dependent lexical methods, our approach is able to detect story boundaries at finer word/subword granularity, and thus is more suitable for speech recognition transcripts which have no sentence delimiters. The proposed segmentation goodness measure takes account(More)
Solanum lycopersicum auxin response factor 10 (SlARF10) is post-transcriptionally regulated by Sl-miR160. Overexpression of a Sl-miR160-resistant SlARF10 (mSlARF10) resulted in narrower leaflet blades with larger stomata but lower densities. 35S:mSlARF10-6 plants with narrower excised leaves had greater water loss, which was in contrast to the wild type(More)
We consider the problem of constructing linear Maximum Distance Separable (MDS) error-correcting codes with generator matrices that are sparsest and balanced. In this context, sparsest means that every row has the least possible number of non-zero entries, and balanced means that every column contains the same number of non-zero entries. Codes with this(More)
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