Zigmantas L. Budrikis

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A Controlled Cell Transfer (CCT) capability has been proposed to ITU for definition in Recommendation I.371. The CCT capability, if accepted, will bring the number of ATM transfer layer capabilities to five. The other four capabilities being Deterministic Bit Rate (DBR), Statistical Bit Rate (SBR), ATM Block Transfer (ABT) and Available Bit Rate (ABR). It(More)
1. MSTMCT Anew ATRIAdaptation Layer (AAL) type 2 has recentiy been defied in the ~-T to provide both high efficiency transmission of low-rate, shor~ and variable length packets in deky sensitive appfimtions for use in titure ~S/ ~~2000 Radio Access Ne~orks. This paper examines how to provide variable rate voice services over an AAL type 2 channel that can(More)