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This paper presents a Space-Vector Modulated (SVM) Direct-Torque-Control (DTC) scheme for a direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) and a gird converter for wind energy without any position sensor. Direct control of the rotating velocity and amplitude of the stator flux vector allows very fast torque response of the PMSG according to the(More)
The paper presents a direct-torque-control scheme for a direct drive variable-speed permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) for wind energy without any position sensor. Direct control of the rotating velocity and amplitude of the stator flux vector allows very fast torque response of PMSG according to the generator speed. Fixed switching frequency and(More)
This paper describes an optimal stator-current control strategy for an Integrated Starter-Alternator (ISA) prototype. Based on the applications of hybrid electric vehicles with wide constant power speed range, this paper investigates the various operation stages for the interior permanent magnet machine, including the maximum torque per ampere (MTPA), flux(More)
This paper presents a bi-directional 42V PowerNet AC-DC matrix converter for automotive power supply systems, replacing the conventional PWM rectifier and DC-DC converter. In the new proposed structure, large DC bus capacitors are no longer needed. The AC-DC matrix converter converts three-phase AC power into the desired output of 42V DC via single power(More)
Recently, modular multilevel converters (MMC) have attracted extensive research interest in the field of HVDC and motor drives. However in motor drives, it appears that the inherent problem of the fluctuation of capacitor voltage particularly at low frequencies limits its further application. This paper proposes a new back-to-back hybrid MMCs topology, of(More)
The accuracy of the open-loop estimation of the stator flux and speed for direct torque controlled (DTC) IPM synchronous motor drives drops as the mechanical speed reduces. At lower speed, inaccurately estimated stator flux and stator resistance mismatch have significant influence on the steady state and transient performance of the drive system. The(More)
The series HVDC tap based on modular multilevel converter (MMC) has been proposed to provide power supply for rural places. However, most of current capacitor voltage balancing control strategies are not suitable for series MMC tap. In this paper, the principle of power transfer between phases, arms and sub-modules (SMs) in a series MMC are analyzed. A(More)
  • Huaiyuan Liu, Lei Li, Xuemei Zheng, Zigao Xu, Dianguo Xu, Qiang Gao
  • IECON 2017 - 43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE…
  • 2017
Grid-connected converters have been widely used in distributed generations. However, the resonance brought by converters in weak grid has been a great threat to system stability. Impedance-based method provides a powerful tool for stability analysis. Active damping is also widely applied to improve system stability. This paper derives the impedance model of(More)
In recent years, significant progress has been made in HVDC transmission by the advent of voltage-source-converter (VSC) technology using modular multilevel converters. There is increasing demand to interconnect the existing HVDC lines into meshed HVDC grids for better renewable energy penetration. In this paper, a series of power electronic topologies, all(More)
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