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Ear biometrics is gaining on popularity in recent years. One of the major problems in the domain is that there are no widely used, ear databases in the wild available. This makes comparison of existing ear recognition methods demanding and progress in the domain slower. Images that were taken under supervised conditions and are then used to train(More)
Object detection and segmentation represents the basis for many tasks in computer and machine vision. In biometric recognition systems the detection of the region-of-interest (ROI) is one of the most crucial steps in the overall processing pipeline, significantly impacting the performance of the entire recognition system. Existing approaches to ear(More)
Ears are not subjected to facial expressions like faces are and do not require closer inspection like fingerprints do. However, there is a problem of occlusion, different lightning conditions and angles. These properties mean that the final outcome depends heavily on the selected database and classification procedures used in the evaluation process.(More)
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