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We present a novel multiscale methodology for automatic machine vision application aiming at detecting the size ratio of tobacco leave, and the inspection data will be feedback to adjust running parameters of packaging systems. Firstly, the image is represented by a multiscale Markov Random Field(MRF) model, namely, hidden Markov tree(HMT), which models(More)
Laser carving technology has the advantages of higher resolution, focusing precision and digital modulation. It has been widely used in laser engraving gravure plate and laser plate processing. However, the switching of the laser has only two states, so the halftoning processing plays a vary important role in the laser plate. In this paper, we present a(More)
The wavelet domain hidden Markov tree (WHMT) model can decompose the original image into a multiscale and multiband representation. In traditional methods, each WHMT model has to be trained with a single texture image, i.e., each texture is represented by a corresponding WHMT model. This method is memory consuming and do not work for unknown textures. More(More)