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This work presents a method based on the image content for digital halftoning using K-means clustering theory. Our algorithm applies to both a printer model and a model for the human visual system (HVS). First, the gray image is partitioned into two, three and four regions using K-means image segmentation method. Next, Each clustering uses the least-squares(More)
Conventional uncooled infrared temperature detectors can only detect targets in two-dimensional temperature field. We propose to achieve three-dimensional temperature field in microwave reaction chamber through binocular visual reconstruction. The infrared and visible multispectral images at two-views are acquisitioned via an infrared detector. To improve(More)
This paper presents a novel multiscale classification likelihood(MCL) estimation method using hierarchical wavelet-domain hidden Markov tree(WDHMT) model. The key idea is that with inter-scale communication and intra-scale interaction of the WDHMT model, we can capture hierarchical classification information of the pixels at the vicinity of the weak(More)